Fiberglass Roofing Tile, IRAA 9 inch

Tile application is beautiful, timeless value. Small roof tiles shaped like tiles. Give a resolution. Merge the classic. Suitable for contemporary Thai style home. Finely with thinness and smoothness of the roof

– roof tiles, fiber cement sheets
– trouble-free, leak
– Lightweight
– lines neat
– pretty long lasting easy to clean, resistant to scratches

– tough, durable, tough, no problem. Leakage Made from Portland cement. Asbestos-free polyester fiber reinforced with tensile strength. Toughness and extra
– grooves designed to trap water, and how to install overlay where appropriate, including testing with test water – wind. Under the wind and rain conditions of Thailand, it is assured that SCGIRA roofs can prevent the flow of rainwater.
Long lasting color than Z-TRON Shield.
– The thickness of the sheet is only 0.6 cm, making the tile looks thin, but it can hold a lot of weight. Clear roof lines
– Easy to clean, resistant to scratches. The color is harmonious.

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Material: Fiber-cement 
product size
width: 60 cm 
length: 44 cm 
height: 0.6 cm 
Weight: 2.5 kg 
number of applications: Sheet 11.11 / square meter 
range spanning 15 cm. . 
° roof: 30-45 degrees 
instructions and precautions
- install a residential roof. Or buildings with a roof height of not more than 23 m, must be installed in accordance with the installation instructions. And use the standard equipment from the manufacturer. 
- Work on the roof. Standard equipment such as stairs 
- the color of the product may differ from the color of the actual product. Due to the different screen display. Consider the color of the actual product at the store before ordering.
- The condition of the product may change or stain. It depends on the environment and usage.


  • Natural Cherry  Natural Cherry
  • Oriental Oriental
  • Coral Gray Coral Gray
  • granite red granite red
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